Buying Arduino in Hong Kong

Didn't expect it would be so hard to buy Arudino open source prototyping platform hardware in Hong Kong. On a brief stopover in Hong Kong to attend Gnome Asia 2012. It would take a lot of time to hunt for Arduino boards in Hong Kong's famed electronics markets. It would be wise to do some homework before hitting the markets.

Got a lucky break while digging through the Dimsum Labs facebook page. Found the Candy Chan's shop address in Sham Shui Po in Kawloon. The shop's website lists all the Arduino boards, shields and various electronic components. Navigating the maze of shops in Sham Shui Po is not for faint hearted. You won't have any problems finding these shops with the direction given below.

  • Tell How Technologies

  • G37, Wonder Building, 161-175 Fuk Wa Street, Shamshuipo, Kawloon, Hong Kong
  • Phone: 27427881 / 68085307 / 86-15012528870
  • Email:tellhow37 (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) hk
  • Website:

Take the MRT to the Sham Shui Po station, exit through Gate D2 on to Fuk Wa street. You will find yourself facing the Golden Computer Center, the Wonder building is on your right. You will find the shop on the ground floor of this building.

Stumbled upon Man Wai-Yun's shop that offered a large collection of sensors, kits from You need to wait few days for the components to be shipped in from Taiwan.

  • Rainbow Computer Peripherals

  • LG No.60, Golden Building 146-152 Fuk Wah Street, Kawloon, Hong Kong
  • Phone: 2728-1819
  • Email: info (at) abcde (dot) com
  • Website:

The shop in the basement level of the Golden Computer Center. The best way to find the shop would be to ask the guard at security desk to guide you to the shop No. 60.

It is easy to find open hardware online but finding a shop that stocks them would be really hard. Next time I'll buy the open hardware online at .


  1. thanks for the information, that's really useful

    1. Good to hear that Francis. Thanks for leaving a comment. :)

  2. Hi, do you know Maker Faire? Now we have the first Mini Maker Faire in Hong Kong. If you like DIYs and have something to show. You are welcome.

  3. Fanatic news! If you are in Hong Kong don't forget to attend Maker Faire Hong Kong events

  4. Better not to go to "Rainbow Computer Peripherals"
    once I have asked about arduino related product, a middle aged man shout me and sweep me away.
    or the product there are overpriced.
    bad customer experience there.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I have heard similar stories about the shop. Can someone confirm that?

  5. Thanks Arky for the post, very useful.


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