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ProDisk Mini White Balance Card

I picked up a Seculine ProDisk Mini White balance/ Grey Card/Color balance card combo in Bangkok. Apart from the usual white balance calibration filter, grey card and color card. This one also comes with a mirror on the back. Now this is a complete mystery to me. Wonder what's the purpose of a mirror? I hope it's not for checking my nose hair or something.

"Misha" Childrens Magazine

Do you remember 'Misha' children's magazine?. I have a fond memory of reading the magazine sitting on the windowsill waiting for my parents to return home. After two decades I visited the store that sold these English language magazine published in Russia, there were no trace of any magazines. Sometimes you would see this magazines in secondhand book stores but that is very rare now. Searching through the Internet, I found this blogger share a digital copy of the magazine. He writes in this post titled Remembering Misha
"Back in the 1980s, Misha (which translates to bear in Russian) was the most popular children’s magazine in India published in English. Within its glossy pages, you were treated to folk tales, science fiction, riddles, photographs,pen pal sections, puzzles and illustrations. As an added bonus, it smelled awfully good.""Unfortunately the collapse of the USSR spelled death for many Soviet publishing houses (Raduga, Mir and others) and Misha soon…

LaCie saves the day once again!

Three weeks into my photographic assignment. My teammate accidentally knocks the laptop running the backups, the laptop and the connected external drives crash to the floor. Fortunately my LaCie rugged drive survives and lives to fight another day. The laptop and the other external hard drive took lot of damage. The moral of the story, mistakes happens especially when you are on the road and exhausted. Make sure you invest in good gear.

Noise Bridge China Trip # 7

It time for the next edition of Noise Bridge China Trip #7. This annual trip is organized by San Francisco based Noise bridge hackerspace.Head over to the event Wiki page for more information on how to join the trip. If you are interested to travel with fellow makers and hackers to various manufacturing spaces in China then this is your golden opportunity.
As of writing this blog post, this is tentative schedule.7-October-2017 -- Leave home for Hong Kong (arrive in Hong Kong on 8-October)8-October-2017 -- We all meet in Hong Kong -- hotel: to be determined8-October to 11-October -- Hong Kong11-October to 16-October -- Shenzhen13-October: tour of factories15-October, 4pm-6pm: Chaihuo x.factory Bring-A-Hack16-October to 19-October -- Xi'an19-October to 24-October -- Beijing24-October to 28-October -- Shanghai28-October-2017 -- fly home (arrive NA or EU on same day)Keep an eye on the Wiki page for most up-to-date information.

The very first funny Cat Video? (Video)

Just watched yet another funny cat video on Internet. I wonder when our fascination with funny cat videos began. It turns out that the earliest cat video dates back to the birth of motion pictures. Thomas Edison the consummate commercializer of his innovations made earliest movies to promote the motion picture camera "Kinetograph. After the initial popularity of these penny movies (penny was the cost of ticket) of humans moving, dancing and sneezing waned. He moved on to man's furry friends. In 1894 the boxing cats motion picture was hit among the audiences at the penny arcades.

Getting started with Arduino Starter Kit

I have always been fascinated by electronics. Growing up I tried to learn electronics by reading radio repair guides and engineering textbooks in vain. Always got stumped by mathematics and dry tone of the books. The advent of Arduino changed all that. Now it is easier to learn electronics without getting bogged down by technicalities and focus on making something fun!.The 'Arduino Starter Kit' is suitable for self-learning Arduino with simple fun projects. Lot of attention has given to developing course material and overall ascetic design of this kit. The Starter kit comes full set of high quality electronic components and a 170 page project guide book. The ready to use cardboard cutouts makes it great activity kit that could used by parent and the child. The project guide book explains all the basic electronic components, their function and use in a simple lucid manager. The quality
of the book and its design is very tasteful. The programming code is explained in full detail…

Animata Open Source Real-time Animation

In my efforts to explore the use of technology in art and social change. Looking at few ideas in creating new media installation art. Following my friend Prayas's advice I first looked at Animata developed by Budapest Kitchen.The software is not currently in active development. Though I was able to compile it on Ubuntu gnu/Linux machine using the latest code. They were some stability issues.
Here are the instructions to compile and run Animata on Ubuntu LTS. # Download Animata from $ wget # Uncompress the archive $ unzip # Change direction into animata source directory $ cd animata/trunk # Install the dependencies $ sudo apt-get install scons $ sudo apt-get install libfltk1.1* # Build $ scons # Run the build $ ./build/animata That's all folks. Please let me know your experienc…