Saturday, September 2, 2017

"Misha" Childrens Magazine

Do you remember 'Misha' children's magazine?. I have a fond memory of reading the magazine sitting on the windowsill waiting for my parents to return home. After two decades I visited the store that sold these English language magazine published in Russia, there were no trace of any magazines. Sometimes you would see this magazines in secondhand book stores but that is very rare now.

Searching through the Internet, I found this blogger share a digital copy of the magazine. He writes in this post titled Remembering Misha

"Back in the 1980s, Misha (which translates to bear in Russian) was the most popular children’s magazine in India published in English. Within its glossy pages, you were treated to folk tales, science fiction, riddles, photographs,pen pal sections, puzzles and illustrations. As an added bonus, it smelled awfully good."

"Unfortunately the collapse of the USSR spelled death for many Soviet publishing houses (Raduga, Mir and others) and Misha soon became extinct."

According to few sources, the magazine continued to publish in Russian for long time after the collapse of the USSR. I reached out to the former editor of the magazine for confirmation.

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