Friday, September 28, 2007

Install Debian from Web in Windows

While going through old archives of emails I didn't read I stumbled upon this announcement of Debian-Installer Loader, a win32 loader for Debian Installer.

This is very good tool that would help new users start off the installation from the Web while still in Microsoft Windows OS environment.

This is the announcement of "Debian-Installer Loader", a win32 loader for
Debian Installer.

Overall, the process is very simple (it's been inspired by a similar
project with Ubuntu).  D-I-L runs on the users' win32 system,
auto-detects wether the CPU supports 64-bits, picks the appropiate
linux and initrd.gz images for netboot, and uses GRUB for DOS to
chainload into it.

This has a few interesting applications:

  - Migrating to Debian on hardware without CD drive (or USB boot
  - Migrating to Debian for users who have no idea how to burn an ISO
  and/or how to configure their BIOS for CD boot.
  - Migrating a system to Debian inmediately, at any time, wether
  we have a boot CD at hand or not.
  - Advocating Debian to Windows users.  Rather than give them a CD
  (expensive), give them a piece of paper with an URL.

Frontend site for Windows clients to visit is at:

Further details (screenshots, GPLed source code) at: 

Hope you like it,

Robert Millan

The screenshots of the D I L in action would look familiar to those who used loadlin to start installation from Microsoft Windows 95/98 long back.
Debian Windows installer screenshots

Watch The Video

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