Sunday, October 21, 2007

Booting GNU / Debian Linux in Verbose Mode

Nobody with a sane mind watch their computer boot up, its not very interesting to watch messages of kernel being loaded and services started flashing by.

If you read my last nights post on understanding the GNU / Debian Linux boot process then you have a fairly good idea of the importance of learning about the GNU / Debian Linux booting process. This knowledge will aid you in troubleshooting Linux boot problems.

The GNU/Debian Linux by default boots in a quiet mode with very few messages printing to the computer console (as you can see in the video). Let's make the computer be more verbose by turning on the VERBOSE variable in /etc/default/rcS file .

# Set VERBOSE to "no" if you would like a more quiet bootup. VERBOSE=yes

Save the file and reboot the machine. Watch and learn what goes on when the machine boots up. What next ? if you are done understanding how it works its time to hack the system find ways to speedup the boot process and try to free some system resources by getting rid of unused services and kernel modules. Happy Hacking !!!

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