Friday, October 19, 2007

Install Debian In Window (Video)

Sometime back I wrote about new official method for installing Debian from Microsoft Windows using the latest Debian Win32 Installer.

Here is the videos(two videos!!) of the debian windows (win32) installer in action.

The Second video, bit incomplete since it doesn't seems to show loading of the Debian installer after reboot.


  1. Hi Arky,
    Nice post. So installing Debian from windows will be no brainer with this installer ? Do you suggest this for a minimal linux installation (dual boot)...Im a FC user since some years...which one fairs better (Debian/FC) for a guy who uses linux for browsing/web development) ..what is the learning curve involved (if any) to switchover to Debian?

  2. Yes Siftyguy, someone said "Even a hen can install debian, all you have to do is peck". Now I have to agree, look at Ubuntu's I found people who never used any like unix OS install a dual boot OS on their laptops. That's itself a great from early years when installation of linux was considered a technical feat only the nerdy geeks.

    As a former Red Hat Linux user I think Debian is much more friendly and technically sound design than other distro's once you understand the way it works. For me the learning curve had been easy since I used linux before but with range of GUI and 14000+ packages that are now avaiable for debian will make life easy for new users.


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