Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Emacs Annoyance with Multi-line SSI directives

Talking about SSI(Server Side Includes) is out of place in the world abuzz with web applications developed with programming languages like PHP, ASP, JSP, Python, Ruby and Perl. But do note that there are a lot of web pages out there( perhaps like your universities information pages ;o) that are still powered by SSI.

Here is one annoyance that I face while editing SSI directives using Emacs. When I type a SSI directive with a certain value that spans more than a line Emacs warps around the line which it is not what we want. To avoid this try turning off the "Word Wrap in Text Modes (Auto Fill)" setting in Emacs.

Editing a SSI Directive in Emacs

Emacs Word wraps the line (ooops!)

Emacs SSI word wrap problem

Turn off Emacs Auto Fill Mode

emacs disable auto fill

PS: After writing this entry I realised that the file name in screenshot is ".shmtl" instead of ".shtml". Please kindly excuse I am getting too lazy

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