Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hyderabad based iChip Technologies to offer @box Linux powered sub-10k Home PC

Today's newspaper mentioned this new product powered by Linux called @box ® from a Hyderabad based company Ichip. The company product page proclaims @Box ® as " a complete entertainment device that plugs into your existing TV - no special skills or knowledge needed - if you can watch TV , then @Box can show you that entire web has to offer".

The product is yet to launched, we can expect it to hit the shelf's next summer (March 2008) but the overall cost of the product is not clear. The report in The Hindu puts it Indian Rs. 10,000 and the add-ons(don't ask me, I don't know) required for running it at home would cost almost an equal amount. Where as the Ciol.com says the product could be priced at about the cost of a mobile phone (say, about Rs 4,000), but it all depends on how the services associated with the box get bundled with the telco

I wonder how both reporters who covered the same press conference provide such conflicting details. We need to wait and see how this device fairs in Indian market.


  1. hai ia my lokesh student of svcet chittoor i want to know about @bok send me more about it to my email:lokeshthecute@gmail.com

  2. i really want to cong u all for the sucess u have acheived all indians r proud about thi@box


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