Saturday, November 3, 2007

Resume Downloads in Firefox / Iceweasel

After my recent post about Firefox Annoyances: Download Resume Problems I observed that some of my readers were trying to find out how to resume their half-downloaded files in firefox/iceweasel. Sorry, the Firefox / Iceweasel doesn't yet continue half-downloaded between network failure or crashes. However you can try this alternative method.

Here is how you can continue the download from a crashed firefox / iceweasel using wget. First lets get rid of '.part' extension that the browser adds while downloading.


Now resume/continue the download with wget's "-c / --continue" option.

wget --continue


  1. Nice, I tried it. My file complete to download but was corrupted.

  2. @Anonymous

    Awwwee That does happen sometimes. Also note that not all servers support partial content HTTP requests.

  3. thank you SO MUCH! what a great hack!

  4. Great tip. Thanks!!!

    One little thing - the example is a bit confusing. It says:

    wget's "-c / --continue" option.

    In debian/ubuntu, it is:

    wget -c http://remotesite/filename

  5. Awesome! Until now I was fiddling with the ç%&/( firefox download manager. From now on I will use your little trick!

  6. This is so awesome ... It just saved my ridiculously slow loading 3.4 GB file from some 50kb/s server. You sir are a saver!


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