Thursday, January 31, 2008

All The Moneys Worth

Am a wanderer. I have no home and nothing to call my own, I wonder what’s the use for such things for the one who’s seeks the essence.

My early years were spent in the land of my teachers, studying the mystical world of magic, now I wander where the essence leads me.

Through the golden sands of the desert I pass, to the the city of kaliya.

It is written by the wise of the old ages, that those who seek will find it here in this noble land. Through the ages men came here, in search of fortune and fame.

Upon this blessed soil I walk, mingling in the crowd of this thriving city. Walking through the street I savored upon the sights of the great city.

‘Make way for the royal magician’. The palanquin bearer called.

Lost in thoughts, I found myself standing before a majestic palanquin.

‘Has the royal magician’s forgotten to walk ’ I asked ’ or he can’t bear his weight any more’.

The palanquin bears stood silently, Wondering whether my time on this earth has come to end, thus I dare to speak so.

‘No my brother’ I magician said getting out of the palanquin with a smile. ’ the royal magician walks only with his equals’.

‘Bless this day, we meet again’ he said.

He dismissed the palanquin bearers who rushed to the magician house to make arrangements for the guest.

‘Walk with me, my brother for we have lot to talk’. The magician said

Leaving the bustling streets we came upon a path that took us to pond filled with lotus flowers.

‘The royal magical has a great heart’ I said.

‘A great heart and wealth to match’ he said.

‘The patron of this land are benevolent, my magic brings me fame and wealth’ he said.

‘Your wanderings have brought you to this great city.Your magic is great, here it will be measured in silver and gold’.

‘The essence is for all who seek, its not for the pleasure of few’ I said.

‘Does the great essence diminish if you seek its worth in gold’ The magician asked.

‘The essence can not be measured , none but these who seek it know its worth’ I said.

The magician was silent, I looked over the pond filled with lotus flowers. Few children came running down the path carrying small water pitchers,gleefully laughing. A little girl chased a boy who was teasing her.

She came running and ran into the walking royal magician. The pitcher slipped as the girl stumbled and broke into pieces. Seeing the royal magician and a stranger the children scattered.

The royal magician raised the crying girl and said ‘Cry not for what’s broken. Here, take this silver and buy yourself a new one.’

The little girl threw the coins and broke into renewed sobs.

With the ends of my flowing rob I wiped the tears of the girl and said ‘No Cry, My Princess. Tell me what you wish.’

The little girl turned her gaze to the shards of her lovely pitcher.

Smiling, I moved my palms over her eyes and said.

‘My Princess, take your lovely pitcher and go home happy’.

The girl’s face glowed with pleasure looking at her pitcher now mended. She cradled the pitcher in her arms and went home smiling.

I looked at the silver lying in dust and thought.

‘Of all the money’s worth, couldn’t bring the smile on a child’s face’.

About the story

This story was written to portray what I feel separates Open Source movement from FSF philosophy. It try’s not to support either of schools, but I leaves it you as the reader to decide.

Like most of the stories,a idea is shrouded in it. A good friend pointed out that it was rather difficult to grasp the relevance of the story to OSI and FSF tousle.

I believe that people in OSI and FSF movements are not different there are members of the same creed. Just as the wanderer and the royal magician in the story are, they do belong to the same fraternity.They are bond by the same essence.

What really makes them apart is the way they choose to live,the royal magician is wise in his own way.He will be certainly more than happy to share his magic with all,but he doesn’t even hesitate to ask for some offering in value for his magic.

The wanderer is an acetic, he believes the magic is as free as the air we breath.It can not be contained.

Both are right in their way,you may choose to differ from view,but that’s what the you should be doing,coz the same essence flow through you as it does in me.

And this the essence of the story.


Copyright© 2004 Rakesh ‘arky’ Ambati.
p. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. No Front- or Back-Cover Texts are provided. The GNU Free Documentation License is available at

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