Thursday, January 31, 2008

libTorrent / rTorrent 0.7.0 debian packages available

UPDATE: Never version of rTorrent made into Debian (Sid) since this entry was first posted.

Rakshasa’s libTorrent and rTorrent Unstable Release (0.7.0) Debian packages are now available

The Debian Sid/unstable rtorrent package is still stable release (0.6.4.x). A wishlist was posted and you can use this repo until the main debian packages are upgraded.

You can add this line to your sources.list and apt-get the packages.
deb sid main

Or grab the packages directly from

The adding of public keys for this repo however didn’t work. Perhaps am missing something here.

gpg --keyserver --recv 0xCACAB118 && gpg --export 0xCACAB118 | sudo apt-key add -


wget sudo apt-key add pubkey-ghostbar.gpg

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