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Drupal register_globals Requirements problem

If your web server has register_globals turned on, then Drupal (5.x or later) won't install until you fix it. Unlike Drupal other free and open source CMS systems like Wordpress, Textpattern gives you a security warning, but installs without a squeak. Anyway don't fret over it much, it for your own good. (Detailed discussion about the the evil :P register_globals is posted here).

Drupal Requirements Error Page

The solution which is commonly suggested is to try placing php_flag register_globals off line in your .htaccess file. If you are using Apache 2 server then you'll get a HTTP Error 500 Internal server error (like I had on the webserver that hosts my test server).You can try creating a php.ini with these lines and keep it your root folder of the website.

[PHP] register_globals=off

If nothing works then you can request the hosting company to make the changes to the global php.ini file nicely.


  1. Great details about drupal resgisters and global requirement.


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