Thursday, July 3, 2008

Apertium: Open source machine translation

If you are interested in Machine Translation(MT) then you should read this great introductory article on Apertium MT system. Well I didn't know that Apertium is the open-source Systran (the engine that powers Babelfish) Did you? .

At the time of writing this post, there are no stable language pair for Indian languages in Apertium, If you are interested in working on one, do send me a shout out.

Kudos to Jimmy O'Regan for writing this one.


  1. I am interesting in developing a machine translation system from Assamese to Hindi using Apertium for my 5th semester MCA Project...

  2. That seems like an exciting project Anusuya. Good Luck to you. Please get in touch with Apertium team, they would be happy to help.

  3. Thanks Arky :)

    I am not able to display Assamese fonts in RHEL5... Could you please help me? I am new to Linux...


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