Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coffee, Code and Cinema

Varaka Anand Film MakerA lot can happen over a steaming cup of hot coffee. Here I am sitting across the table with this soft spoken film maker Varala Anand and having endless cups of coffee. Before he turned to film making Anand dabbled as a journalist, published writer with couple of titles under his belt and a film critic. Taking a break from the tedious job of being a jury member of Nandi Awards, he talked about his latest work 'Long Battles With Short Message'.

The short film tells the story of one man's grass root campaign with aid of mobile SMS service. Shot over a period of single day this 6 minute film was made with no budget. It went on to bag the Filmka Voters' Choice award. I think this film is good example that reflect the power of short film, I wish every aspiring film maker should watch this film.

As a writer Anand found it easy to move to visual medium called cinema. It was a natural progression that was fueled by need to reach a larger audience in the time when more people watch television than read a book and to bring about change with his work. That is something I can relate to as a hacktivist.

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