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Debian Google Summer of Code 2008

Steve McIntyre wrote on debian-devel-announce list about this years Summer of Code program, Guess, I should pitch in and do something this year.Hey folks,
Google are running their Summer of Code programme again this year, and if we want to take part again we need to apply between March 3rd and March 12th. If we're accepted as a mentoring organisation, then students will be able to apply to work with us up until the 1st April.
I'm volunteering to be an admin again, and I'll deal with making the application for Debian as an organisation. Beyond that, some more admins would be useful to help out later on. If you'd like to help, let me know ASAP!
Then we'll need mentors and ideas for the programme itself. As in previous years, the easiest place for us to collect those is in the wiki. Please fill your ideas in there. Last year's suggestions for projects are still in the wiki if you're looking for inspiration, but *please* don't just copy things across w…

Sasi Kumar on why India should adopt open document standards

Here is an update to the Dr. Sasi Kumar's article India must adopt free standards. It seems that the Redmond company responded predictability. Now the author sheds some light on the so called clarification on his blog. Microsoft has responded to my write-up about the need to adopt the Open Document Format. As may be expected, they are just trying to convince people with propaganda. Since Infochange is unwilling to publish my response to Microsoft's clarification, I have to do it here Microsoft Responds

OLPC XO-1 demo-ed at ILUG-Goa Meet

This tiny and unusual computer was demoed at the monthly meeting of ILUG-Goa, the Free Software and Open Source user group that meets at the Goa Science Centre in Miramar, last Saturday (Jan 26, 2008).
Ms. Rut Pinto Viegas Jesus, a Copenhagen-based PhD researcher of Goan-Portuguese ancestry, managed to bring down one model of the computer, while visiting Goa on holiday and a family visit to her relations in Santa Cruz and Salcete. The 4000-rupee computer shows up in Goa