Friday, March 20, 2009

Ubuntu Installer :: Installation Failed Input/Output Error

Here is an update on the strange error on dell vostro 220s desktop problem reported on this blog sometime back. It was very puzzling but my hunch turned out to be right after all. I tested the latest alpha release of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) on this machine. The LiveCD booted but half way through the installation it died with a [Errno 5] Input/output error.

Jaunty Installation Failed


  1. Hi

    I am not sure about this error. However I wish to share my exp. about Ubuntu and Mint installation.

    I observed around 87% completion it checks for available update. If Internet speed is not so fast, then it is preferable to remove the network cable and install it. We can download updates later on.


  2. Manish, thank you for additional information. This is however not a network connectivity problem rather is a hardware issue with this one Dell desktop.

    I faced this strange (see this post) from the ubuntu installer on older LTS release and latest Jaunty alpha releases.

    We are able to fix it by replacing the faulty optical drive.


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