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Laptop Cooling Mat From Discarded Packaging material

Laptop Cooling Mat From Discarded Packaging material

Little ingenuity goes a long way to solve problem of waste. Its heartening to know that companies are reducing waste by turning their products packaging into reusable products. Meanwhile I use this discarded piece of packaging material as my laptop cooling mat. Its geometric surface allows easy circulation of air underneath the laptop allowing me to work long hours without setting my crotch on fire.


  1. I saw your mat at CIS, but forgot to ask you about it.

    Where can I get a mat like that? What do I need to buy? :-)

  2. Good to hear from you Shoan. I thought no one noticed it. ;)

    Its the common packing form that comes with printers and camera boxes. The one I use is known as 'convoluted packing form' which is really good for heat insulation


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