Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting Started with Weave 1.0 for Firefox

Just read the Linux Magazine tweet about Weave 1.0 for Firefox and Fennec. Don't remember when I last tried weave firefox addon. So I quickly installed the addon and found the connect and sync weave menu options were disabled. Figured out this its not a bug but the weave is just not yet configured. Looks like there is usability bug here.

You can configure weave from Edit Menu > Preferences > Sync. Click on Create Mozilla Weave Account and provide new login information. The dialog warns about NoScript plugin but you can safely ignore that. Then you have CAPTHCA challenge and give a secret pass phrase. For now you can choose to sync everything or give custom settings. Firefox weave sync menu Weave Account Setup Weave Capcha auth dialog weave secret phrase dialog

Enjoy the joy of weave and leave a comment to share your experiences about weave.

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