Sunday, June 27, 2010

Using Launchpad and Bazaar

Created this handy tutorial to get you started using Bazaar Version Control System with Launchpad.
I needed a quick how to use Bazaar and launchpad tutorial to get my interns started with fixing Ubuntu bugs and put together this tutorial based on examples from Jay Pipes presentation A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad and Bazaar.
A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad and Bazaar

For the impatient, you can get started typing the commands. There is much more indepth information about Bazaar in the presentation and Bazaar documentation as well.

# Make a source repos for all projects
mkdir ~/repos   

# Create new repos for software-center project 

cd repos; bzr init-repo software-center 

cd software-center/

# Get the truck of software-center 
bzr branch lp:ubuntu/software-center trunk 

# Pull in new revisions of truck
cd ~/repos/software-center/trunk/ 
bzr rebase

# Branch to work on new bug 
bzr branch trunk bug538384-inaccessible-button 
cd bug538384-inaccessible-button

# Hack away, review your diff and commit
bzr diff 
bzr commit --fixes=lp:538384 -m 'Adds accessible name to features links button' 

# Push to launchpad 
bzr push lp:~arky/ubuntu/maverick/software-center/fixes-538384


  1. Hi Arky,

    I'm using Lucid Lynx's latest Bazaar version in its main repository (Bazaar 2.1.1), and I think something needs to be fixed on your post.

    - bzr rebase gave the error ``bzr: ERROR: unknown command "rebase"'', I guess there's no need to rebase.
    - There is a bug when you do the pushing with ``bzr push ...'' if the local repo version and the remote version are not compatible. It says ``KnitPackRepository('...') is not compatible with CHKInventoryRepository('...')''. The solution is to upgrade the remote version then do the pushing:

    bzr upgrade lp:<name-of-your-repo>
    bzr push lp:<name-of-your-repo>

    The first command might not work if you are not the owner of the branch, but the second push command probably will. More about this bug at


  2. Yang the bzr rebase (provided by package bzr-rebase) lets you keep the local checkout in sync with main trunk source tree.

    I run it every few hours to keep getting newer revisions of main branch. Thanks for the heads up, I haven't yet faced the bug you mentioned.

  3. Oh, I see, bzr-rebase is a plugin of Bazaar. Thank you, Arky.

    I got that bug when I was trying to re-branch tint2 trunk from Launchpad :-).


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