Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Google Nexus S

You heard about Google Nexus S and all the buzz right. Well, I asked a friend what he thought about his shinny new Nexus S. He said the he found the 4" Contour phone display screen little odd and the phone does seems to get hot.

What are your thoughts about Nexus S?


  1. It seems like a really solid device. I still love my Nexus One, but admittedly might switch back to iOS when the iPhone hits Verizon (my preferred carrier here in the US). Android as an OS is nice, but I still do not like most of the applications compared to iOS applications - too many lazy developers who do not want to move toward backwards compatibility considering the amount of devices running Android.

    Though to be fair, the Evo Shift and Samsung's Epic 4G are very solid devices. A friend and I tested them at a carrier's store and really liked them - but still, I prefer a phone which runs the stock Android, rather than with carrier/manufacturer tweaks - for example, Sense UI was nice during 1.5 before Android implemented multitouch, but it just gets in the way of updates.

  2. Kim that is really a great comment. I guess other Android users would agree with you.

    It would be interesting to watch how things would play out this year with release of Verizon iPhone.


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