Monday, December 13, 2010

KeePassX Cross Platform Password Manager

Ask me my phone number, I have to look it up. But I do have uncanny memory for passwords. May be I type them so often that they are etched in my brain.

If you have manage a large set of usernames and password KeePassX is a good choice. It is good way to manage all your access information for the a SME organization. You can organize the data into different categories (Local Networking information, Mail Server, Webserver, Emails account information etc)

Automated password generation is another feature that I use often. You can choose the length of the password and the combination of numeric, special characters. Its cross platform available for multiple operating systems so if your boss uses Windows, it will still work.

KeePassX Features

  • Extensive management- title for each entry for its better identification
    - possibility to determine different expiration dates
    - insertion of attachments
    - user-defined symbols for groups and entries
    - fast entry dublication
    - sorting entries in groups
  • Search function
    - search either in specific groups or in complete database
  • Autofill (experimental)
  • Database security
    - access to the KeePassX database is granted either with a password, a key-file (e.g. a CD or a memory-stick) or even both.
  • Automatic generation of secure passwords
    - extremly customizable password generator for fast and easy creation of secure passwords
  • Precaution features- quality indicator for chosen passwords- hiding all passwords behind asterisks
  • Encryption- either the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or the Twofish algorithm are used
    - encryption of the database in 256 bit sized increments
  • Import and export of entries
    - import from PwManager (*.pwm) and KWallet (*.xml) files- export as textfile (*.txt)
  • Operating system independent
    - KeePassX is cross platform, so are the databases, as well
  • Free software
    KeePassX is free software, published under the terms of the General Public License, so you are not only free to use it free of charge, but also to redistribute it, to examine and/or modify it’s source code and to publish your modifications as long as you provide the same freedoms for your modified version.


  1. To maintain strong password with well specification and feauters is needful.So we should focous on that issue how it become more strong and safety for our internet services.So we can chose legthy password with combnation of letter, number and symblo is more secuer for using.


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