Friday, December 10, 2010

Nina Universal Braille Teacher

Here is yet another innovation from N.Krishnaswamy the creator of Universal Braille Kit (UBK)

Nina Universal Braille Teacher is battery operated handheld device which aids teaching and learning of braille alphabets. This model is designed for the English language, but other languages are also supported. The Nina Universal Braille Teacher is available two models, a teacher model built with LEDs to provide visual indicators for sighted teachers and the student model with audio messages only.

The device is manufactured at Workshop For Rehabilitation and Training of the Handicapped (Worth Trust) in India.

Nina Universal Braille Teacher

If you are interested to procure the device, please do get in touch with Worth Trust.

Worth Trust 48, New Tiruvalam Road
Katpadi, Tamil Nadu (India)
Phone: 0416-2242739 0416-2243464

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