Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to install adobe AIR on ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat"

Adobe AIR is actively supported on Linux. Few weeks ago I decided to try to install Mockups software, it is developed with Adobe AIR. I found Adobe AIR installation easy but very inconvenient.

  1. Install Adobe AIR: http://get.adobe.com/ air/
  2. Choose Adobe AIR Installer for Linux and select software to download as .deb
  3. Download and install the .deb package with Ubuntu Software Center or using dpkg -i command
  4. The Adobe AIR is installed to /opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0/ directory. You can install .air Adobe application on command line or select from Applications > Accessories > Adobe AIR Application Installer.
    cd /opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0/
     sudo ./Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer  
  5. You can also associate .air to open by default with Adobe AIR Application Installer. Select .air application and right click to get properies, then change the open with custom command with path '/opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0/Adobe AIR Application Installer'.


  1. Very helpful - thanks for posting this information.


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