Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Using Archivemail to pruning Mailman archives

The mailman server I maintain for a local non-profit is running out of disk space.Time for some spring cleaning. Decided to archive all mailing-list archives older than 2 years. Grabbed the nifty Archivemail python program and installed with 'python'.

The archivemail is a tool for archiving and compressing old email in mailboxes. It moves messages older than the specified number of days to a separate mbox format mailbox that is compressed with gzip.

Don't forget to back up mailman mbox files before you start pruning mailman archives.

# Prune mbox file
$ cd /var/lib/mailman/archives/private
$ archivemail --days=550 name-of-list/list.mbox 

# Wipe and rebuild archive
$ cd /usr/lib/mailman
$ bin/arch --wipe 

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