Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Silent Horn: Design flaw in HornIt bike horn

The Hornit is certainly the loudest bike horn on the market by not the strongest. One morning Jack discovered his Hornit bike horn was suddenly all quiet. He opened the casing at Hackerspace Phnom Penh to find the over sized resonator(not quite sure if it one) had broken off. Perhaps the designers could have reinforcing this component with some glue or something instead of relying on strength of soldering alone. After all this is meant to be mounted on a bike and should withstand bumpy rides and vibrations. This is a very good example of technology world as built.

Broken resonator in Hornit bike horn
This component had broken off due during a ride

Hackerspace Phnom Penh's Jack, Leo managed to solder it back on. And put some copious amount of glue to prevent it from breaking off in future. I hope someone at Hornit is listening and try to remedy this flaw.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this up. First things first, anyone with a fault can contact us for a replacement. All these units were vigorously tested and the fault rate is still extremely low - very few have come back to us. We have actually already fixed this issue so all new units now have a special glue to ensure the component can withstand cycling on cobbles/on heavily rutted roads. All the best, Team Hornit.


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