Sunday, October 28, 2007

Firefox Annoyances: Download Resume Problems

"When it comes to heavy duty download jobs, Firefox's default Downloads manager just doesn't cut the mustard" wrote Gina Trapani on the popular site. Do I need to say more? . Apart for a lousy download manager my firefox/iceweasel browser has trouble continuing active downloads between network failures or router problems. Perhaps this is the most annoying problem, coming right next only to memory hogging and the dreaded browser freezes .

There is a page on mozilla wiki discussing this issue and some possible solutions at length. And I guess its been there for a while now just by looking at the last modified date of the page( 18:04, 20 October 2006). Would any developer (anyone!!!) fix this issue in the next release?

A short excerpt from the above mentioned page on Mozilla wiki.
I recently started several larger downloads in Firefox and had to reboot my router while downloading. After this, I got to see several Firefox inadequacies or bugs, which I'll tell you about here:

0: After the temporary network connectivity disruption, my downloads were left in limbo, with Firefox only giving me the option to Pause or Cancel; with the progress bar still showing, but not increasing, and the numbers (rate of transfer, ETA) not showing. At this point I could not get Firefox to resume the downloads, not even by clicking Pause and Resume. However, looking at the Desktop, I could see that the partial files where there. I then found that I could resume the downloads with wget -c from the command line. If I can resume from the command line, why can't I resume from Firefox?


  1. I experianced the same problem and it is realy annoying...
    can some1 please tell me when he or she got this problem fixed?
    thanks in advance!

  2. Awwe there isn't a fix for this yet. When I have a half-finished download I use this workaround

  3. there are download sources that don't allow resume like rapidshare.

  4. The HTTP 206 Partial content is not supported by all servers.

  5. Firefox still has problems downloading large files. It's been at least 15 years since GetRight - I would have thought it would have been simple to get resuming downloads right!

    Instead they make the GUI unusable and autistic, and try to increase the javascript engine by 1ms. Priorities.

  6. @Anonymous

    Yup, point taken. Let me direct to the Mozilla folk.

  7. i am downloading a game thats 4gig and the first time my power shut off at about 85%, and now the file is completely gone only to start from scratch? the second try, i opened another firefox and closed it and it closed my download along with it, once again to have the file completely missing after it being about 50%. my cookies are enabled too. firefox is fucking pathetic.


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