Friday, October 26, 2007

OLPC XO Production Delays, Microsoft Monster Catches Up

OLPC XO is on my mind, the OLPC's Children's machine XO is up for grabs with its Give 1 Get 1 program from November 12. The low power consuming XO laptop with its open hardware specifications running Fedora Linux OS is on many geeks wish-list including mine for a while now. The news of production delays mean shortages, Aieee.

Elsewhere the Microsoft Corp seems to be "spending a non-trivial amount of money" into the works to make its Windows XP run on OLPC XO's hardware. Its Corporate Vice President Will Poole comments "We're spending a non-trivial amount of money on it, We're working hard. But we're still at least a few months away. We've made progress"

Yeah right, I guess a thousand slaves are working in dark dungeons trying to squeeze the Windows XP white elephant into the XO. :0)

Update: Mary Lou Jepsen, chief technology officer at the One Laptop Per Child organization here in Cambridge. Jepsen says that a Reuters report yesterday asserting that production delays will cause the organization to miss promised delivery dates for its famous (to some infamous) XO-1 Laptop was misleading.Complete Story here

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