Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Review The New Debian Reference (v2) Draft

Osamu Aoki announced the new draft of the Debian Reference v2. The idea of new update-to-date Debian Reference was in the works for quite sometime now, kudos to Osamu for finally bringing out a draft. Please do try to read it and provide suggestions.

Here the Osamu's post on Debian-doc mailing-list "Request for review: Debian Reference v2"

Hi, As has been repeatedly pointed out, Debian reference was getting old. It needed major rewrite. I finally got the initial draft of Debian Reference v2 ready. Please give me your feed back. RESULT: I appreciate if someone revise my English to more readable one. This can be easily done by editing the wiki page as the source file. SOURCE: You may need to create account to login to wiki. Some special things on Debian Reference is mentioned at the bottom of : Regards, Osamu

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