Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yahoo! Webcam support in GNU/Debian Linux

GYachI Voice / Video Chat IM client on Debian Linux

Following the Noumaans post "Debian Ubuntu - Webcam in Yahoo! Chatrooms" I checked out to see if GyachI (GyachE Improved) IM client was installable on my GNU/Debian Linux Sid box. Last time I tried this, the .deb package released by the project was hogged by package dependency problems. To my utter surprise the GyachI version 1.1.0-1 debian (.deb) package for Ubuntu Dapper installed right away and is working fine.

About GYachE Improved (a.k.a. GYachI)

Welcome to the home of GyachE Improved (GyachI) program. This is a fork from Gyach Enhanced Yahoo! client for Linux operating systems. It was born purely out of impatience. Since there was no progress on Gyach Enhanced for about a year, a couple of impatient GYach Enhanced users decided to continue development of that client, fearing that original author Erica Andrews lost interest or abandoned project altogether. Therefore, in the true spirit of Open Source we, the developers, thought of simply "carrying on the torch".

This Yahoo! client for Linux operating system supports almost all of the features you would expect to find on the official Windows Yahoo! client: Voice chat, webcams, faders, 'nicknames', audibles, avatars, display images, and more. Yet, it remains very light-weight and memory-friendly. GyachE Improved uses Gtk-2 for its user interfaces (Gtk-2 2.0.6 or better required).

GYachI IM Client Running on Debian Linux Sid

If you have the w32codecs from (Christan Marillat's Debian Repository)then you can ignore the gyachi-codecs.deb package.

The GYachI program needs much work, but not bad at all!. Watch out this space for more news of any problems and bugs I find in next few days.


  1. why is your gtk theme the ugly default?

    are you running KDE?

  2. No, I don't use KDE the screenshot was captured on Fluxbox WM.

  3. just a heads-up, gyachi now supports themeing :)

  4. aghe milano (from indonesia)November 2, 2008 at 5:14 PM

    New Gyachi Released 1.1.45, Here is my Compiled binary for Debian Lenny/Sid,
    Gyachi terbaru versi 1.1.45 buat Debian Lenny/Sid

  5. Good Work Aghe, Please build a .deb package instead.

  6. Sucks, window problems, webcam limited support, if you deny a webcam invitation the other user has to restart his messenger, if you use a phone webcam it gives the VIDIOC_DQBUF error, can't even set brightness contrast... It's good but very buggy


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