Thursday, November 22, 2007

How To Start StumpWM

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That seems to be on minds of many who want to use the swanky StumpWM Lisp-based Window Manager for X. Written entirely in Lisp StumpWM takes REPL programming paradigm to the next level, some people have compared this one to the original Symbolic Lisp machines feature wherein any running program's source can be displaced and modified on the fly.

There is an open bug for StumpWM package (#356948) on Debian BTS for explaination about starting the StumpWM. Instead of launching StumpWM from Emacs or SLIME here created myself a simple shell script called "startstumpwm".

#!/usr/bin/env clisp (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'stumpwm) (stumpwm:stumpwm)

After setting the execute persmission to file with chmod a+x startstumpwm I set an entry into my ~/.xinitrc and start the X server with 'startx' command.

exec startstumpwm

There you go ! Perhaps this will help you until the StumpWM gets its proposed /usr/bin/startwm binary in the next package upload.

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