Friday, November 23, 2007

Where to buy Asus Eee PC in India

Asus Eee PC

While sitting in a computer showroom today I glanced through a computer reseller magazine. It had an article reviewing the Eee PC from Asus but it did not mention the price of the product in India. However the article mentions Mr. S Jacob (phone #91-9444489272) in the contact section. I don't know if he works for Asus India or a retailer for this product in India. If you get in touch with him do leave the information as a comment.


  1. Spoke the company's representatives. said that the target date for launch in India is within next 3 months. But it is likely to be much earlier, they say

  2. Was browsing for Eee PC in India and came upon

    Not sure if this is Asus site - but they have a section to book your Eee PC online.

    As for me, I would rather wait...

  3. Hm, HCL's MiLeap X comes at 14000+taxes and MiLeap Y coems at 30000+taxes. eeePC comes at about 18000+taxes. On top of it, they have to be received in person from ASUS's Mumbai offices.

    Comparing the two models, I'd rather wait. There isn't much of a good review over HCL's spares. But ASUS's 18000 deal is no good as well. It is far lesser than a Computer. If the price were to be around 10000 or lesser, I'd have gone for the ASUS model hands down.

  4. Yes, Venkatesh. There isn't any responce from ASUS India about this product yet and picking up the device from Mumbai is not a option for me.

    The HCL MiLeap X does look promising.

  5. EEEPc i think shall be promising. ASUS has good brand value in the market. I have visited
    Its cooool man

    Dr Vijay

  6. Just glad to share the information. Dr. Vijay

  7. It is available for 17100 at Croma in Bangalore. Croma is at Eva Mall, near the Brigade Road-Residency Road intersection.

    The HCL MiLeap is also on display.

    I liked the Asus more - just my opinion.

  8. Guess its available for 9K in china
    17K is a pretty high price compared to that.

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