Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Book Asus Eeepc online in India

Asus Eee PC

Following my last post Where to buy Asus Eeepc in India a anonymous reader of this blog who pointed me to EeePC.in site.

At last we now seem to have a chance to buy this Asus Eeepc in India. As a GNU/Debian Linux user I hope Asus Eeepc would be a good hacking UMPC machine for me. Going by the topic of the Eeepc.in forum titled Requirements of the GNU General Public License! Asus seems to be careful not to repeat its earlier goof-ups, That's another good sign.

However. the EeePC.in website does not mention the price of Asus Eeepc in India (not again) that makes it difficult to say if its a good buy or not. I requested a quote from the Asus folks, let see what response I'll get. And also the availability of newer Eeepc black model is not mentioned either.

NB:Video soundtrack is not in English

As for usability of the EeePC.in website, DUH!! it has all the maladies of Indian websites including spelling mistakes "Book Onlie PC", broken URL's and absurd scrolling javascript everywhere.

Update: I guess someone from Asus did read this blog post and corrected the spelling mistakes and removed the scrolling Javascript in EeePC.in website, Thank you folks.


  1. Hi, FYI, saw the black Asus eeepc in EZone, Koramangala, Bangalore for 16, 000 odd.

  2. Good to hear tha, nitin!!!. I wrote this post in Jan 08 when Asus Eeepc was being put on for sale. I am gald that the black model are also available in India.

  3. ASUS Eeepc is available for 15k in SP Road, Bangalore

  4. Is the new 1000HE on Atom N280 processor available in India and what's the price? People are raving about its battery life - 9.5 hrs, not sure if it is with all the wireless I/Fs on.

  5. Not sure how much the 1000HE costs in India. The only mention was this press release .


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