Thursday, January 10, 2008

Emacs 'Save All'

Don't think that this post is yet another fanatical rant advocating the use of Emacs. Nay, there are enough people doing that already :P . The other day someone remarked that emacs didn't seem to have the 'Save All' open files option which is so often seen in other editors. Instead of jumping on the poor fellow and chocking him to death shouting "If we put all the Emacs options into the toolbar, it would be as long as the great wall of china" , I pondered. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that Emacs belongs to a age when (screen) editors weren't yet common-place and it does a lot of things in its own way instead of the what is normally expected of decent editors today.

Often these kind of prejudices put off many people from learning Emacs, thus earning the remark of having a (very) steep learning curve. After all if you don't like anything in Emacs you can pick enough Elisp to make work it your way at a later on. Emacs is great grand daddy of all opinionated software, its incantations and finger twisting key binding are all result of habits and preferences of lisp programmers and of RMS(Richard M. Stallman)'s of course. And to end this entry let me mention that emacs does have a save-some-buffers to save all the open files in one go.

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