Saturday, January 12, 2008

Compiling Threadless SBCL for Stumpwm on Debian Sid

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Here is the Debian counterpart for Compiling SBCL HOW-TO on Stumpwm Wiki.
The only problem I faced during the whole process was that build-deps for sbcl needed texlive and it took 597MB for diskspace and not to mention bandwidth to download the packages :( if you feel you can't afford that append '-d' (Do not run dpkg-checkbuilddeps to check build dependencies) to the debuild command. Also be prepared for really long build, I guess it took hours and hours.

# Get the sbcl package source 
apt-get source sbcl

# Get the sbcl build depends.
apt-get build-dep sbcl

# cd into the sbcl source directory
cd sbcl-

#edit the line that generates customize-target-features.lisp file in debian/rules file 
# (As mentioned in Compiling SBCL HOW-TO mentioned above)
$EDITOR debian/rules 

# build the package
debuild -us -uc 

# install the newly built package 
dpkg -i ../sbcl_1.0.11.0-1_i386.deb 

#set hold on the package 
echo sbcl    hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections

#check if the package is marked 'ih'
dpkg -l |grep sbcl
hi  sbcl  A Common Lisp compiler and development system

Compiling Stumpwm

# Get the latest git source of stumpwm
git clone git://

# change into stumpwm source directory
cd stumpwm

# generate config files

# run configure with sbcl as default lisp 
./configure --with-lisp=sbcl

# make and if success do make install :o) 


Thanks to help of those on #stumpwm on freenode for their great support as always.

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  1. thanks for the hint! i wondered why stumpwm does not so well with sbcl on Lenny but very well with clisp. well, it must have been the threads on my athlon X2... now it's really responsive (i mean REALLY fast!) and sbcl doesn't eat eat too much ram.

    regards bubo


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