Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coders And SysAdmins

I recollect writing a comment on SysAdmin to SysAdmin: It’s the documentation, stupid! article published couple of years ago.

Well, my friends. Its quite sad that often we coders are mis-understood. The whole spirit of FLOSS development could be described with a small example. “When child is given a colorful toy train, he is facinated by its color and doesn’t know that its a train untill he puts it into his mouth. Sometime later he realises that its a toy not food and figures out how to make it run. Like all human, what starts a mere fantasy turns into interest and later into finding new way to make the play more fun with the toy train.” The early GNU/Linux hackers were of the same breed.They use a toy, master it and hack/enhance it.That’s how it has been down the years. The young sysadmin should keep this in mind before blasting the poor coders. Ho’ by the way nobody payed us to this job anyway ;oP

Brian Jones, the author of the woeful letter to developers hit the bull eye, the problems pointed out by him are still to be addressed.

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