Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guide to Unix/Linux Commands

In October 2005 I contributed to the Guide to Unix/Linux commands wikibook. It is targeted at users who want to learn the shell commands by typing them on a Unix or gnu/Linux console. The wikibook is nowhere near complete but I guess it would be a good start if want to master the shell. For experienced users I request you to spare some time and contribute to this wikibook. If possible please try to adopt this documentation project.

The Guide to Unix/Linux Commands

The Guide to Unix/Linux command line is often considered difficult to learn. This book aims to help beginners by introducing various commands in lucid and simple language. Unlike most command references, this book is designed to be a self-study guide.


  • Getting Help man info apropos whatis makewhatis
  • File System Utilities ls mkdir cd pwd chroot cp mv rm touch df link ln unlink chown chmod mount
  • Finding Files find whereis which locate
  • File Viewing cat more less od head tail
  • File Editing pico nano zile vi joe emacs
  • File Compression gzip gunzip zcat gzcat tar pax bzip2 zip compress
  • File Analysingfile wc cksum stat
  • Multiuser Commandswho finger su
  • Self Information whoami groups id tty
  • System Information uptime uname dmesg free vmstat 50% top df hostname
  • Networking ifconf ifdown ifup
  • Process Managementnohup ps kill pgrep pidof killall
  • Devices fuser lsof fstat
  • Kernel Commands lsmod modprobe sysctl
  • Compress Commandstar cvf | tar xvf bunzip2
  • Miscellaneous sync echo cal date time mail clear PS1

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