Thursday, January 31, 2008

OI! Move over, The IT Crowd is here

Alright, if you haven’t ever heard of User Friendly stop reading right here.

This is London and in the bowels of Reynholm Industries lie another world. Yes, my dear listeners we are now on the holy ground of the nerds, its the IT department. Its here the social inept, sexually confused step onto the righteous path of enlightenment. (Its however another matter than the light of day never reaches into these dingy basement offices) This is world of The IT Crowd

For my brethren in gnu/Linux world, don’t miss out the show’s opening title sequence animation depicting a gnu/Linux kernel panicking during a Fedora Core 4 installation.(easily mistaken for a Windows blue screen of death, amen!). Hey you need to watch real close to find a lot geek lore on the sets, old hardware, t-shirts you would kill for and a lot more listed here on the Wikipedia page of show

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