Thursday, January 31, 2008

RFC Humour: Really Funny Collection

The Requests for Comments (RFCs) are a treasure trove of information on everything related to the Internet. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) , an open forum oversees the development and standardization of the technical aspects of the Internet.Any new technical ideas are first issued as Drafts, after much discussion, arguments and IETF meetings these are released as RFCs.

The purpose of the RFCs is not only standardization, but they often document and provide an in-depth analysis of common workings of existing technologies.Though RFCs aren’t meant to be handy guides for learning for lay computer users,but they do offer crisp and authoritative information.

If you think that RFCs are just rambling of technical mambo-jumbo that’s not meant for lowly mortals, think again. Don’t be surprised if you come across Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol or The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite and widely known Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol which was implemented by Bergen Linux User Group using carrier pigeons and it works too!!.

Often released on April 1, those RFCs make a wonderful reading.

  • RFC873 The Illusion Of Vendor Support
  • RFC968 `Twas the Night Before Start-up
  • RFC1149 A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers
  • RFC1216 Gigabit Network Economics and Paradigm Shifts
  • RFC1217 Memo from the Consortium for Slow Commotion Research (CSCR)
  • RFC1313 Today’s Programming for KRFC AM 1313 Internet Talk Radio
  • RFC1300 Remembrances of Things Past
  • RFC1437 The Extension of MIME Content-Types to a New Medium
  • RFC1438 Internet Engineering Task Force Statements Of Boredom (SOBs)
  • RFC1605 SONET to sonnet translation
  • RFC1606 A Historical Perspective On The Usage Of IP Version 9
  • RFC1607 A View from the 21st Century
  • RFC1776 The Address is the Message
  • RFC1882 The 12-Days of Technology Before Christmas
  • RFC1924 A Compact Representation of IPv6 Addresses
  • RFC1926 An Experimental Encapsulation of IP Datagrams on Top of ATM
  • RFC1927 Suggested Additional MIME Types for Associating Documents
  • RFC2321 RITA —The Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent
  • RFC2322 Management of IP numbers by peg-dhcp
  • RFC2323 IETF Identification and Security Guidelines
  • RFC2324 Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)
  • RFC 2325 Definitions of Managed Objects for Drip-Type Heated Beverage Hardware Devices using SMIv2
  • RFC2549 IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service
  • RFC2551 The Roman Standards Process — Revision III
  • RFC2795 The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
  • RFC3091 Pi Digit Generation Protocol
  • RFC3093 Firewall Enhancement Protocol (FEP)
  • RFC3252 Binary Lexical Octed Ad-hoc Transport
  • RFC3514 The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header
  • RFC3751 Omniscience Protocol Requirements


  1. that is very funny collection to the sid

  2. thank you for this RFC haha


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