Thursday, January 31, 2008

Volunteer with Free Software Foundation of India (FSF-I)

The FSF-I website is the right place to get the complete information on its latest activities and read the FSF-I charter to know more about the foundation . It is however the FSF-Friends mailing-list where the most the interaction and information exchange takes place. If you need to stay informed about FSF-I and other related activities in India then this is the list to join.

To be volunteer you can register as FSF India Volunteer and get listed in the FSF India Volunteer Directory . But its not a must, if you can spare a little of your time and do any of the tasks then just shoot a email to the admins . There is a list of various tasks that you can help out with on the foundations website.

The the FSF-Friends mailing-list isn’t the only list, there are many others see if anyone suit your interests. Perhaps you can also join a regional mailing-list thats near your city and meet other free software advocates and volunteers.

  1. Delhi
  2. Pune
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Tamil Nadu
  5. Bangalore
  6. Kerala

Well, you can also take a look these few specific tasks which I think would need some attention of volunteers.

  • Submit News regularly : Some of activities and events news don’t really make it to FSF-I portal news feed.
  • Populate the mailing-lists : Various lists like Fsf-dev fsf-prog and fsf-edu are very inactive perhaps you can participate and start relevant discussions.
  • Content in Indian Languages : Perhaps its a good idea to have content in various Indian languages, the translation of GNU GPL of licenses is a good start.

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