Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kompare to the rescue

If you have been reading this blog for the past week then you already know that I am in NLP Summer School in IIIT-Hyderabad. And while doing a project comparing the results of various dependency parsers we had to read through large text files to find the errors and its a real pain. Well, I strong believe in the motto of letting the computer do the dirty work. I would have preferred to use a editor like Vim or Emacs with multiple spilt windows to compare the files and their diff's output. However I found that the KDE's GUI based Kompare (frontend to diff, comp or cmp) to be better suited for this project since my team mates are linguists and quite new to gnu/Linux. Also almost all the lab machines have it installed KDE as default desktop envirnoment.

The above screenshot shows kompare in side-by-side mode and just by using arrow keys or the mouse we could manipulate both the windows at the same time and tally our results. It did help to finish the job quickly but its still a pain.

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