Monday, June 9, 2008

Lttoolbox Install Notes

Lttoolbox is a lexical and morphological analyser package from the Apertium machine translation system. Here is a brief install notes taken from my NLP summer school lab notes.

Build Lttoolbox

Download the lttoolbox source package from sourceforge.

tar zxvf lttoolbox-xxxxx.tgz cd lttoolbox-xxxxx/ make make install

You will need root level permission to install other dependency packages for lttoolbox . GNU Debian users however should use the lttoolbox debian package available in stable/testing/unstable and also read the Installing Apertium on Debian documentation page for more information.


If the tool is installed properly then you can look up the program install path with which lt-comp command.

Here I am compiling the Hindi dictionary with a left-to-right option lr, the output is stored in binary format in file 'mydata'. This binary file is used by the lt-proc processor to do the morph analysis.

lt-comp lr hi.dix.noun_f mydata lt-proc ./mydata

For more information do read the manual pages for the lt-comp and lt-proc tools or fire me a email, I would love to you help you.


  1. Hey there, people can also check out the Apertium Wiki, which has a page on lttoolbox...

    Not to mention that if you need any help with this, or have any suggestions for how we might improve it, we'd love to hear from you on IRC or our mailing list :) Details here:

  2. While installing lttoolbox-3.1.0 i face an error saying:

    /home/tomcat/chirag/stanford-parser-2008-10-26/chirag/lttoolbox-3.1.0/lttoolbox/.libs/ undefined reference to `xmlTextReaderGetParserLineNumber'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    Can we have a work around for this?


  3. Beats me Chirag, Post it to apertium-stuff mailing-list.

  4. OK
    Thanks for the reply.



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