Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gnu/Linux Kernel Tutorial, IEEE Bangalore


DATE: 18th October 2008
VENUE: Atria Hotel Palace road, Bangalore

The Tutorial aims at increasing the technical excellence of programmers in defining technologies in free software domain. This is targeted at programmers in the industry and engineering students.


18th October, 2008

08.30 AM        Registration

09.00AM Inauguration and talk by IEEE Bangalore Section

09.30AM Basics of Gnu/Linux Programming & Tools
1.Simple C Programs
2.Simple Makefiles
3.Gcc, stace, Itrace, gdb, objdump, nm, LD_PRELOAD
4.Quick overview of a typical hardware on which Gnu/Linux runs (CPU,
Memory, Interrupt controller, IO Bus etc)

5.Overview  the Gnu/Linux Kernel
•       Kernel Layout
•       Coding Style
•       Important Subsystems
•       Kernel configuration
6.Building and booting a new kernel

10.30 AM: Tea

10.45AM Gnu/Linux Kernel Internals – An Overview
•       Process and threads 
•       Memory management
•       File systems
•       Interrupts and exceptions & System Calls
•       Kernel Synchronization
•       EXERCISE

1.00 PM: Lunch

2.00PM  Device Drivers
•       Kernel Module programming
•       Char and block drivers
•       Ioctls
•       Writing simple char device driver

3.15 PM: Tea

3.30 PM Kernel Debugging
•       Printk
•       Dynamic instrumentation techniques
•       System Tap [EXERCISE]
•       Kerec/kdump/ crash analysis

5.00 PM Free software philosophy
•       Introduction to the open source community
•       How to contribute
•       New exciting areas of work in the kernel

5.30 PM: Conclusion

Pre requisites

It is expected that all participants will have:

•       Basic knowledge of operating Systems
•       Good working knowledge of C
•       Hands-on experience desirable
•       Kernel   programming experience is  a bonus
•       Basic scripting knowledge (ex: shell scripts)
•       Working knowledge of Gnu/Linux

Resource Persons

Arun Krishnan, Huawei Technologies India.
Srivatsa Vaddagiri, Linux Technology Centre, IBM India
Balbir Singh, Linux Technology Centre, IBM India
Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli, Linux Technology Centre, IBM India
Sachin Sant, Linux Technology Centre, IBM India
Ankita Garg, Linux Technology Centre, IBM India

Course Fee per participant

Non-member: Rs. 1200/-;  Student  Rs. 600/-
IEEE member Rs. 1000/- ;  IEEE Student member Rs. 500/-

The course fee includes tutorial kit, inter session tea and lunch.

Organizing Committee

M. M. Babu Narayanan, IEEE Bangalore Section
Hitesh Mehta, IEEE Bangalore Section
Ravikiran. A, IEEE Bangalore Section
Dr. Debabrata Das, IEEE Bangalore Section
Dr. T. Srinivas, IEEE Bangalore Section

Please send your registration to:  
Mr. M.M. Babu Narayanan
Chair – Professional Activities
IEEE Bangalore Section
Central Power Research Institute
Sir C.V. Raman road
PB No. 8066,  Sadashivanagar PO,
Bangalore – 560 080
Telefax :  23605367


  1. great info...
    im interested .. hope i will make it..

  2. Good Luck Quakeboy! Do blog your experiences and post some pictures of the event too.

  3. oh i missed it.. will there be more events like this :(...

  4. Keep watching this blog. I regularly publish information about such events here on my blog.


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