Saturday, October 11, 2008

Media Companies Adopt Drupal

Drupal CMS System TV and Radio audience don't want to be a passive consumers of airwaves no more, its not lost on the some media companies. They are exploring new technology to bring their audience together online. The Drupal the free software content management system(CMS) seems to be the new favourite of the media companies, they are using its reliability and rich features set to create digital communities.

radio cultura websiteRadar Cultura from Brazil, South America was featured recently on Beeb's Digital Planet
RadarCultura believes in the benefits of the usage of free technology and information. It is developed on Drupal mainframe and licenses its content by Creative Commons. All the material published may be used and distributed for free, except for commercial initiatives.

Closer home, NewsX the Indian television news channel (no relation to the famous TV show about paranormal) uses drupal to provide users customized news.

PS: Guess, its a good idea to add these sites to the Drupal Case studies page

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