Sunday, October 19, 2008

National Conference On Free Software, Kochi India

National Conference On Free Software 2008 is being organized in Cochin Kerala(India) on 15 and 16 November 2008. Last years event was held in Hyderabad and for some reason I didn't get news in time. Perhaps we should remedy this time around, I request readers to please spread the word about the conference widely.

The event is organised by Appropriate Technology Promotion Society(ATPS) , CUSAT, Government of Kerala's IT@School project and Open Software Solutions Industrial Cooperative Society Limited (OSS ICS)

Sometime back I spoke to the Joseph Thomas about the conference over the phone, he mentioned that he could use some feedback about the event programme. Perhaps active contributors from free software community can sign up as speakers or conduct workshops, do I see any hands going up?.

If you like to attend National Conference on Free Software please register as a delegate online.


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