Monday, November 24, 2008

Disabled Boy Creates Art With Gimp

This young man never ceases to amaze me. He attended a screencast introducing free software image manipulation software 'Gimp' at the C³ - Community Computing Center in Bangalore and loved it. Now he raises money by selling the artwork produced using Gimp on gnu/Linux operating system to buy new computers for his community center. Talk about free software empowering people!

Mani (center) featuring his work at National Conference on Free Software, Kochi

The story is also covered in The Hindu recently

Artwork Gallery

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  1. This is fantastic, and definitely interesting (and I did read the article linked).

    GIMP, in my opinion, is fantastic software because it helps free designers from struggling to always need to upgrade Adobe's software - which in and of itself is often far too expensive to be afforded by most, causing it to be some of the most pirated software in the industry.

    Frankly, I want to do a full switch to GIMP software - it's just that it is missing some valuable tools that non-open source software has, such as tablet support (though it is coming along with that) and better support for vectors. Plus, unfortunately, it's not as well-documented when it comes to tutorials as Adobe's tutorials (some places will pay for artists to create Adobe tutorials; I haven't seen anything similar to that for GIMP, and admittedly that pays some of my bills).

    I look forward to GIMP's future, though - I believe that in the coming versions, it will develop into something that can certainly be useful as a professional designing program. And I hope that this sort of positive media attention will also bring GIMP the kind of attention it needs in order to grow in userbase, allowing for the program itself to evolve further.

    Great post!

  2. Gimp was designed for raster graphics and I think inkscape is better if you like to work with vector graphics.

    Also wacom drivers are supported well, you need get the lastest version and compile them (from sourceforge). The wacom binary drivers that are shipped with linux distro's are bit dated might not work that well.

    Thanks for a great comment!

  3. I think Grokking the Gimp is a good book to help you with Gimp. It is freely downloadable. Just search for the title. Have a great time with Gimp and/or Inkscape!


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