Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10, To Upgrade or Not To

Intrepid Ibex is out with a promise of whole new desktop experience. As I am spending most of next few weeks travelling, I don't think I can type the magical incantation and upgrade my ubuntu laptop yet.

Usually I hookup to the Internet using a slow Reliance Broadband netconnect datacard while on road, its good enough for some blogging, browsing and shooting out emails, but not much more. But even those with higher bandwidth lines shared their scary upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 experiences.Certainly I think the release process did got out of control. Darn! I don't feel intrepid enough to make this upgrade.

Perhaps I'll wait until the pre-ordered CD from shipit arrives on my doorstep.


  1. As I am a KDE user I am going to hold off on Intrepid myself. Don't get me wrong the new features are well worth the upgrade for Gnome users but I am not willing to jump into KDE 4 until 4.2 is released in January. The reasoning for this is several fold as I still don't feel that the 4.1 release is still not business ready and 4.2 should be.

  2. @technoshaun

    If you are a KDE user, I don't find any rationale with sticking to Ubuntu (or for that matter Kubuntu), a distribution optimized for Gnome taking the maximum from Debian and working mostly with drivers. Go for Arch linux + KDEmod or Chakra Alpha release. You would get KDE 4.3 now which is much much better than 4.2.


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