Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Software for Movie industry workshop at IFFK

The Free Software for Movie industry workshop was conducted this morning as the part of 13th International Film Festival of Kerala IIFFK) 2008. Delegates, film Makers, editors, sound engineers, graphic designers and students attended this event.

Gearing up for the workshop Juan, Anil, Arun and Paul IFFK Creative Director Ms.Paul talks about the workshop Arun introduces Free Software to the participants Anil starts his lecture with the basics of Digital Film making workflow Participants interact after the workshop Blender installed on a participants Windows XP Laptop Blender Basics tutorials shared


  1. Nice post. I really missed it :(

  2. You were missed, Sujith!

    I wrote to Openmoko project to loan me a device, if that works we can more hack sessions where we can start creating application for openmoko.

    Right now there are very few (in india) who are aware of this project and very few who have the hardware. Let's hope this changes in future.


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