Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Software Free Society Conference on Freedom in Computing, Development and Culture ( 2008 ):: Full Roundup

Three years ago Anand Babu lent me his laptop to blog live from Technopark, the venue for the First Free Software, Free Society Conference in Kerala and I promised my blog readers that I will do that same this time around. I wrote in a blog post announcing the event you bet! I am gonna do that again and I am happy that I have kept my word.

For some technical reasons and largely due to my lazyiness I ended doing photo blogging instead. I thought this would be easier than sitting and writing posts on FSFS website. How wrong I was!. I had corrected some content on that site and had editor access. However I didn't find the Drupal content interface very appealing.

Anyway I was running all over the place ducking in and out of conference halls and hankering people to pose for the camera and interupting conversations with an unexpected flash and then running back to media room on the first floor where I had my laptop running hooked up to internet via a lan cable (sorry, GPRS too costly!) and uploading the pictures. And then I had sit late into night outside my hotel room so that I get a better signal and use my datacard to upload pictures taken in evening well past into midnight like this post I am writing right now.

I used my aging Nokia 70 running S60 (Shameless plug: yeah its proprietary software, I don't like it either don't flame me I am wearing my fireproof underwear instead buy me some open hardware) with its 2.0 Megapixel camera to take these pictures, the quality is aweful but I guess its adds a amateurish stock reel quality to the pictures, which I like very much. Perhaps next time I could afford to buy a Openmoko Neo runner and shoot (guess, the next one will come with a camera) blog picture in real time with WIFI hookup.

Here is complete listing of the all live blog posts from the Free Software Free Society Conference on Freedom in Computing, Development and Culture in chronological order. Its well past midnight and forgive me if I missed some of the posts.

Pre-Event Post

Free Software Free Society Conference 2008, Registrations Open!

Day One

Day Two

Day Three


  1. I hope you are aware of the allegations against the organisers of the, but I dont see any post or photos regarding that in your mail.

    Considering the fact that you had covered the cochin fiasco really well, We all are waiting for your views on the hypocritical events that happened in

  2. Kenny, I think there is active discussion going on here at fsf-friends list already. And everyone has voiced their view over there including myself.


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