Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FSFS.in 2008 :: Day 1.3

Photos from the Kerala University at the end of day one of FSFS.in

Kerala Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan unveils a book on Free Software and Free Culture in malayalam. Neville Roy Singhams talks about his work at ThoughtWorks . Point well taken :) Richard M Stallman takes the stage and talk briefly Anand Babu (ab) and Prof. Rahul De share a laugh Nagarjuna with Dr.Sasi Gnuheads from all over Kerala While waiting for the evening's cultural program to start The day ended with a lively Koodiyattam performance Only a handful stayed back late in the evening to watch the performance. What a shame!


  1. Shouldn't it be 1.4?

    btw thanks for the photos. I'm really missing it :-(

  2. Darn! you are right. Lost track of the count, keeping up with the pace.


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