Thursday, December 11, 2008 2008 :: Day 2.5 :: Freedom Expo

Last evening I headed up to the Freedom Expo 2008 organized as the part of the event. Despite the late hour the stalls of different user groups was full of action and a big kudos in order to the gnu heads of kerala!

Hackerdom Team invites you ! ILug - Cochin .org SMC FSUG Thiruvananthapuram stall Open Hardware Stall Insight stall Freedom Toaster doling out gnu/Linux CD's Preparing to burn a toast (err, disk) Minimal interface for maximal ease of use This is first time I have seen a freedom toaster in actiona and it was build on a shoe string budget. I really loved the art work on the front side of the kiosk :) Freedom Posters Expo The creative brains behind the posters Open Access stall

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